Participation & Workshops

Glad you could join us for a bit of research in the  STUDY  please feel free to have a flick through and swot up on Maison Foo’s participation work.

Glad you could join us for a bit of research in the STUDY please feel free to have a flick through and swot up on Maison Foo’s participation work.


Participation forms an important part of Maison Foo’s work as it gives the company the opportunity to inspire and encourage creativity and imaginative thinking in others (something we are rather passionate about!).


Our participation work breaks down into 3 main categories:


Arts and Health

Community Outreach

Maison Foo’s artistic team are advanced workshop facilitators and have trained throughout Europe in a variety of theatrical disciplines, specialising in devising, physical theatre, puppetry, clowning, voice and street theatre. This enables Maison Foo to deliver a wide range of residencies, workshops and educational packages that draw on the above including:

  • Intensive residencies (1 - 4 weeks)
  • Weekend/ 2 day workshops
  • 1 day workshop
  • 1/2 day workshop
  • Discussions + Q and A’s

Past workshops/ residencies have been delivered for:
RWCMD (Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama), Demontfort University (Brooksby College campus), Derby Playhouse, Deda, Lakeside Arts Centre, Dance 4, Derby LIVE, Acting Technique.

Tourist Ensemble  - Workshop. 5.JPG

Maison Foo have delivered a variety of light touch Arts and Health residencies working in a diverse range of hospital settings. Engaging with patients, staff and visitors through intimate one to one interaction at bedside, creative group sessions in rehabilitation wards and uplifting character encounters and creative consultancy in waiting rooms and public spaces.

The company have previously delivered projects in the following hospital departments: cancer outpatients, stroke rehabilitation, renal, geriatric care, dementia care, children’s outpatients and various waiting rooms and public spaces.

Past partners include: Air (Arts to Aid Wellbeing), Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Derbyshire Children’s Hospital.

The company’s community outreach has taken on a variety forms in the past from running workshops for community groups to being injected into a community to live with, work with and deliver creative community engagement activities, eccentric character encounters and social happenings.


Derby Hospitals have worked with Maison Foo on a number of wellbeing projects over the past 5 years that engage directly with patients to improve their experience of the hospitals and offer a light touch and engaging distraction. Both Bethany and Kathryn offer a deep and perceptive understanding of the environment and demonstrate a mature empathy for the individuals they engage with. Which allows for measured and responsive interaction patient by patient to give each a unique and perfectly pitched experience.
— Juliet Cooper, Arts Coordinator, AIR